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When: September 22, 2018

Times: Shifts TBA

Bonus: TBA

Where: TBA

Why: WovenLife is one of the beneficiaries of REDMAN and we are excited to have the opportunity to gather our community to cheer on these awesome athletes !

Why it is fun: The volunteers are the energy and life blood the athletes need to keep up their journey! Volunteers can cheer on the riders as they go through the course by clapping, cheering, holding up homemade signs, ringing bells, etc. Volunteers are encouraged to have as much fun as they can cheering on the riders!

The serious part: Volunteers are also very crucial in alerting motorists that bikes are coming through the area. Volunteers will be given vests and flags to wave as the bikes come through to alert motorists so they are aware and can stop or slow to allow the bikes to safely pass. We encourage families to volunteer, but ask that the main station volunteer be 16 or older. You will be asked to sign a liability waiver as well.

We will release more information closer to the date of the event, keep watching! 

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