Easter Seals Oklahoma works extensively with children who exhibit a variety of learning and challenging behaviors at home and in school settings. Our services utilize instructional procedures and treatment orientations based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA): This assessment helps determine the function of the behavior and develops a specific behavior support plan aimed at decreasing target behavior and increasing appropriate behavior. A comprehensive FBA includes interviews about the child’s behavior with the parents, teachers, and possibly the child, as well as the observations in the home and/or school. Every child’s program is individualized and developed according to the child’s specific needs, skill set, and developmental level.

Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP): The BIP utilizes the information received from the child’s FBA to write an intervention plan that is effective and relevant to the target behavior. A good BIP identifies replacement behavior to be taught, antecedent interventions or prevention strategies, and consequences for having engaged in the inappropriate behavior.

Data Collection: Each of the skills that are targeted require organized and skilled data collection, so progress can be measured. Each skill’s data collection may vary depending upon what information is being discerned regarding that skill.

Parent Meeting: The Behavior Analyst will meet with parents to discuss results and plan of action.

Additional Services

Hands-on training is available for parents and/or school staff. These visits will take place after the FBA and BIP have been completed. Easter Seals Oklahoma also offers on-going support and contact with parents and/or school staff.

Training for Families and Professionals

Easter Seals Oklahoma offers a variety of trainings for parents, family members, or professionals who have a loved one with developmental disabilities, challenging behaviors, or those who are just interested in learning some behavioral strategies.

Trainings are the 2nd Thursday of each month at noon with a light lunch provided. Trainings are $10 for parents and $20 for professionals. Current trainings are listed below. Sign up today!

September 10, 2015 Inclusion Strategies for Children with Special Needs
October 8, 2015 Reinforcement 101
November 12, 2015 Managing Behaviors in Everyday Situations
January 14, 2016 Addressing Challenging Behaviors
February 11, 2016 Functional Communication Training (FCT)
March 10, 2016 Developing Communication Skills
April 14, 2016 Promoting Generalization of Positive Behavior Change

Training for Educators

Easter Seals Oklahoma also offers a wide variety of workshops and trainings designed to help school districts, individual schools, administrators, educators, and paraprofessionals take a scientific approach to improving the educational experience for students of all ages and abilities. Trainings are available upon request and include Behavioral Teaching Strategies, Functional Behavioral Assessments, and Effective Inclusion.

For further information on topics or to schedule a training, please contact Mia Caram-Dianda MS, BCBA or call 405-239-2525.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

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